Top 5 Best Luxurious Condo Builders in Toronto

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Condo builder in Toronto

With Toronto’s condo boom reaching an all-time high, developers and architects are working hard to ensure that each project offers something new and exciting, and stands out amongst the hundreds of condos in the city. As more designs are developed, we’re seeing condos reaching new heights and new levels of luxury to give buyers the ‘wow’ factor. There are many factors to take into account when you are looking to buy a condo: location, unit size, and amenities for example, however it is also important to consider the building developer. In no particular order, here are our picks of the best five condo builders in Toronto.

1. Cresford

Condo being developedCresford are leaders in the development of luxury condos, taking their inspiration from European architecture. They’re known for their dedication to quality and luxury, with no detail overlooked. While past projects range in size and design, they are all in the best urban locations and provide fashion-forward design and sophisticated amenities. They have several luxurious skyscrapers coming soon, including YSL Condos, which will become Toronto’s tallest building and is sure to be nothing short of breathtaking.

2. Tridel

After building Toronto’s first single-family home back in 1927, Tridel have moved onwards and upwards to develop ten unique condo buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. They’re known for their high-quality buildings and green-friendly, forward-thinking initiatives, yet each high-quality complex offers something a little different. You may recognize their latest projects: sophisticated Via Bloor on Bloor Street East, and the undeniably luxurious Bianca project on Dupton Street.

3. Great Gulf

Construction of a condoWhile Greater Gulf was crowned 2016’s low-rise builder of the year, they are also responsible for some of Toronto’s tallest buildings, including One Bloor Street residences soaring into the sky with 75 stories, and 8 Cumberland condominiums at 492 feet. Great Gulf are known for using innovative cutting edge techniques to ensure exact precision and accuracy with every aspect of their developments and for their green-friendly construction. They are already responsible for over 40,000 completed residential units, with plenty more to come in the next few years. Look out for Mirvish and Gehry condos, coming soon from Great Gulf.

4. The Daniels Corporation

The Daniels Corporation has been developing homes in Toronto for over 50 years, and are now one of the largest and most awarded developers in the city. Their primary focus is to create modern, energy-efficient condos with useful, desirable amenities, which will help to build communities within the buildings. The Daniels Corporation has already developed over 26,000 apartments and houses, with several more on their way soon, including the much-awaited regeneration of Regent Park.

5. Urban Capital

Condo developmentUrban Capital has developed over 3,500 condominium units in Toronto over the last 20 years, with more to be completed soon. Completed developments include the intimate yet bold Camden Lofts, and multi-award winning River City – Toronto’s first carbon-neutral residence project. They are also building Smart House, the city’s first true micro-condo, with units starting at just 289 square feet with designs and layouts that maximize every inch of space.

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